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Where Was I Care a Lot Filmed? Here’s What We Know

The new Netflix movie used its settings to convey control.

Four ERCOT board members to resign after catastrophic Texas blackouts during winter storm

Four members of the board at Electric Reliability Council of Texas are planning to give their resignations following a blackout that left millions without power in a cold snap that hit the state last week.

I Care A Lot Star Peter Dinklage Made A Ton of Money on Game of Thrones

He may be done playing Tyrion Lannister, but there are plenty more great roles on the way.

Two decades after 9/11, FBI accused of intel failure before Capitol riot

Twenty years after 9/11, the FBI is accused of not making sure local police fully appreciated the threats posed by extremists before the attack on the Capitol.

The 15 Best Kettlebells for Your Home Gym

Pick up one of these weights and get into the swing of things.

Send texts on your own time with Android’s new Schedule Send feature

Google said Tuesday that it’s beginning to roll out Schedule Send, a way for you to schedule texts in Android Messages in much the same way you might schedule an email.Schedule Send is one of several new features Google announced for Android, along with Password Checkup, an improved dark mode for Google Maps, and a…

These 17 Vibrators for Men Will Change How You Think About Sex Toys

It's a whole new way to have an orgasm.

Google adds Password Checkup to Android

Google said Tuesday that it’s ensuring that password security straddles both your phone, your PC, and your Chromebook. The company is bringing Password Checkup, a feature it introduced to Chrome in 2019, to Android.Password Checkup simply ensures that a password you either pick or are currently using hasn’t been exposed in a password breach. Every year…

What to Do if Your Penis Goes Numb

Freaking out isn't the answer. Here's why it happens and how to get sensation back.

Abandoned Cardiac Device Leads Don’t Rule Out MRI

In an observational study that spanned 7 years, the risk of untoward events in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices with abandoned leads undergoing MRI was low. Medscape Medical News

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