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BEEF VOTE: Chris Paul vs. Rajon Rondo OR Russell Westbrook vs. Patrick Beverley

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(1) Chris Paul vs. Rajon Rondo

First Round Analysis: Our number-one overall seed lives to fight another day. While LeBron and Lance have one very memorable moment, the fireworks of CP3 and Rondo were simply bigger and held their opponents off with ease. They earned 62 percent of the votes, which on one hand you’d expect from the top seed, but also they faced LeBron who, well, he’s kinda good at everything. Guess he’s not gonna be the chosen one in this bracket though.

Beef Breakdown: Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul got into it with each other very early in the 2018-19 season and everyone wondered what the source of their beef was. Old Olympic team selection grudges? Frustration over perceived slights? Jealousy? Or maybe it’s a little bit of all three … at least, as far as we know.

Best known for: Their fight in 2018, which became an instant classic, plus the following back and forth which first alerted the world to their long-simmering beef.

Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo envy each other, hate each other, and almost got traded for each other

(5) Russell Westbrook vs. Patrick Beverley

First Round Analysis: While Shaq and David Robinson are legends of the game, their beef did not stand the test of time against this modern generation. Russ and Pat showed what they could do when teaming up and edged out the big guys, earning 55 percent of the votes.

Beef Breakdown: Westbrook arrived in the NBA as a touted lottery pick. Beverley was a stashed second-rounder who bounced around Europe before getting his shot. Early in Beverley’s NBA career, they collided … literally. Beverley lunged at Westbrook’s legs, and the resulting knee injury ended Westbrook’s ironman streak, ended the Thunder’s title hopes, and started several years of medium-rare beef on and off the court.

Best Known For: Their run in during the 2013 playoffs ignited and fully defined this feud. Take care of your knees, y’all.

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley’s beef includes knee injuries, Jay-Z quotes, and baby cradles

Matchup Prediction: I love this matchup. There are so many similarities to these beeves, beyond the stature of those involved. They both center around singular massive moments that drew us in and allowed us to learn all about it from there. I bet this fight will be a bit tougher for CP3 and Rondo, but for now I’ll keep riding with that top seed.

Relive each episode and let us know below which beef is best. Voting is open through April 4, then the Elite Eight will begin on April 5.

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Which beef is best?

  • 59%

    Chris Paul vs. Rajon Rondo

    (38 votes)

  • 40%

    Russell Westbrook vs. Patrick Beverley

    (26 votes)

64 votes total

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