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Impact Wrestling No Surrender 2021: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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Credit: Impact Wrestling

According to Impact Wrestling, the rules for the Triple Threat Revolver Match state, “Three competitors start the match. When one is pinned or submitted, another will enter the fray. The Triple Threat matches will continue until there are no more entrants, in which the final pinfall or submission will earn the victor a shot at the X-Division Championship!”

Trey Miguel, Suicide and Blake Christian started the contest off. The masked vigilante of Impact Wrestling was the first eliminated, giving way to Chris Bey’s entry into the match. 

Christian delivered a standing Spanish Fly on the floor to Miguel, leaving the commentary team to question whether the former Rascal was injured. Back inside, Bey caught Christian with knees to the midsection and delivered the Vertebreaker to eliminate him. 

Daivari was out next, the veteran competitor of the match with two decades of experience. The former WWE competitor was dominant in a small dose but Miguel eliminated him by pinfall in short order, giving way to the arrival of “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander.

Bey withstood an onslaught from Alexander, rocking him with a big kick to the face. Alexander caught him, though, and flattened him. An ankle lock put an end to Bey’s night and brought about Willie Mack’s appearance.

Mack exploded across the ring, rocking Miguel with a clothesline and adding a cannonball to Alexander. He teed off on the competitors before joining Miguel on the ropes for an exchange of strikes. Alexander cut their battle off and the action broke down.

Ultimately, Alexander and Miguel put Mack away with a double pin in time for Ace Austin to become the final combatant to enter the ring.

Austin capitalized on two exhausted competitors, dominating the action until Miguel delivered a springboard cutter on Alexander. He wiped the former tag team champion out on the floor, leaving Miguel and Austin to pair off in the ring.

Miguel rocked Austin with a superkick, then added a headscissors to Alexander on the floor. Moments later, Alexander recovered, hoisted both men on his shoulders and brought both down to the mat. Alexander delivered a backbreaker, wiped out Madman Fulton and finished Austin with a double underhook piledriver for the win.


Alexander defeated Miguel, Austin, Bey, Suicide, Mack and Daivari to earn a shot at the X-Division Championship




Your enjoyment of the triple threat formula is ultimately going to decide how much you like or can even sit through a match of this type. While new and innovative is always welcome, some concepts are better left to one-offs. This might be one of them, if only because of the repetition of it.

With that said, the competitors made the most of their time and delivered some seriously fun wrestling. Things picked up considerably with the arrival of Alexander and continued with the entries of Mack and Austin. The chemistry between all involved was promising and set the X-Division up for some entertaining wars in the coming weeks and months.

Alexander winning was an interesting choice in that few would look at him and think “X-Division champion” but he brings a mat and submission-based arsenal to that roster that really only TJP can match. Might a contest between them be on the horizon?

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