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Microsoft Bing Rebates is pushing annoying pop-up ads, and ad blockers don’t help

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Microsoft’s strategy of using pop-up advertising to promote new features and services has returned—and ad blockers can do nothing against it.I saw two examples of this on Monday morning using Microsoft Edge and Bing. One I found acceptable, but a second went way over the line. That latter Bing ad promoted Microsoft’s new Bing Rebates program. It seized a good third of a Chrome window—yes, with ad-blocking software installed and active—and then retreated, lurking at the bottom of my window until I clicked it.What’s acceptable: Promoting a new Edge feature
My morning began by restarting my PC to install a fresh build of Windows, which also restarted every app that had been previously active. When an app restarts, it applies any updates it has outstanding. Microsoft Edge updated itself to include the new vertical tabs feature. To read this article in full, please click here
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