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PewDiePie Reacts to His Hilarious Dumb Mistakes From His Minecraft Streams

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Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is the biggest YouTuber in the world. The 31-year-old Swedish star is one of the most recognizable faces on the internet, with over 109 million subscribers on his channel.

Almost two years ago, Felix made an enormous change by streaming Minecraft on his channel for the first time. Now, with over 400 hours of playing time, he considers himself a veteran in the game. But recently he reacted to a video compilation of him making rookie mistakes at the start of his Minecraft era.

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The early days of PewDiePie playing Minecraft

It was hard for Felix to see his older self making a lot of questionable decisions early in the game. Along with that, he also had a lot of facepalm moments seeing his old self trying to do the simple tasks in Minecraft. Fans who play the game often will also have the same reaction that Felix had the entire video because most of his mistakes were very egregious.

One of the best moments came from his first-ever Minecraft stream, when he was trying to learn the basics. One of the most basic elements in the game is crafting items with wood. Felix can easily craft sticks and weapons easily nowadays, but back then it was a whole another story.

It took the old Felix countless minutes to understand the basic crafting recipe of a stick and a sword. Pewds also wasn’t happy about the fact that he used to call sticks twigs in his early days in the game.

“What the f*** is a twig? I meant a stick. Why do I want to make a stick, you haven’t even made a crafting table.”

Felix learning how to use TNT

Another one of those funny moments included Felix trying to learn how to blow up TNT. After meticulously crafting it, Felix tried his best to blow it up using every method that he could think of. This included hitting it with his fist and also placing a torch on it. While reacting to it, he couldn’t believe that his old self hadn’t realized that he needed flint and steel.

“Oh the classic, the classic moment right here, where I didn’t understand how to lit a TNT. I thought it made sense to lit a TNT with a torch.”

Felix’s rescue of his drowning horse, Juergen, was another memorable moment from his streams. Although most fans would agree that he made a very easy mission comparatively hard by not knowing the tricks to breathe underwater, it still made for a very hilarious and heroic rescue.

It doesn’t look like these memorable moments will stop as PewDiePie continues to stream the game on his channel. His Minecraft series is one of the most popular ones on his channel, and he hasn’t talked about quitting the game anytime soon.

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