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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Latest news

Coronavirus surge increases strain on funeral homes: ‘Our morgues are too full’

As refrigerated trucks arrive at states across the country, funeral homes say they are turning families away. As of mid-January, Los Angeles County had nearly 1 million cases of COVID-19 and of those, more than 13,000 had died. The deaths are taking a toll on the healthcare system and funeral homes that are at capacity and unable to…

Pennsylvania town on high alert after several shootings rock community

Four people in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains region were hurt Monday evening in a series of shootings, officials said. Gunfire was reported in A Pocono Country Place around 5 p.m., Mount Pocono Mayor Michael Penn told Fox News. Multiple victims were found at that location, according to a Monroe County Office of Emergency Management.A second shooting was reported soon…

Katie Couric’s ‘condescending, elitist’ remarks calling to ‘deprogram’ GOP retires journo label, critics say

Katie Couric has spent decades on television across the three broadcast networks, but the highly-partisan remarks she made on "Real Time with Bill Maher" last week could tarnish her image as an iconic, non-partisan newswoman. "Katie is 'retired' from any 'objective' news duties," NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham told Fox News. "She has been a partisan for a long time."Couric,…

Starbucks to help Washington’s coronavirus vaccine effort

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is teaming up with a number of major businesses, like Starbucks, to help streamline its coronavirus vaccine rollout as a means to significantly increase the rate at which it can vaccinate residents.On Monday, Inslee announced a statewide public-private partnership to build up the state’s infrastructure so that it is able to…

Ohio police officer fatally shot in standoff with arson suspect

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